Eat Well, Live Better / Diet Mantra

It might amaze you but studies have revealed that only 20% of the population actually follows a proper diet in India. These days, junk food like pasta, pizza, hamburgers and fries form a major part of our diet. It seems to have become a trend which we all are following unconsciously. Something which is as important as a food habit should not be followed unconsciously. The beauty of a human brain is its ability to be conscious about the environment, about our own bodies and about our food habits. We should be conscious about making the proper choices according to our dietary needs.

Our diet mantra is to raise food awareness among our members. To accomplish this MANTRA health club has taken three major steps.

Experience: Mantra recruits experienced and accomplished nutritionists. Their minimum eligibility is a Masters in Nutrition. They are also highly equipped to deal with sports diets and any special nutritional needs. All our Nutritionists go through regular evaluation and are required to attend frequent workshops and seminars to upgrade themselves constantly.

Technology: For a comprehensive and well planned Nutrition counseling, the Nutritionist needs access to some important inputs like BRM, Total Calorie Requirements, Fat Percentage, Physical Activity Level. All these data are crucial in calculating micro and macro nutrition requirement.

Mantra has developed specialized software for these purposes. This software unlike others with calculate the results automatically, take into consideration the actual data from the member and inputs from our in house Specialists to come up with a unique and customized result. This pioneering technology has been a shining milestone, introduced in the Health &Fitness Industry by Mantra. This software helps our Nutritionist to deliver Nutritional Counseling at par with international standards via a range of methods like Zig Zag Approach, Weight Loss Approach etc.

Fight against Drugs , Steroids and Preservative foods

Mantra has decided to start at its own doorsteps when it comes to raising awareness about proper intake of food. We neither sell nor endorse any particular brand of nutritional or sports supplement. We have also exercised caution and avoided tie-ups with any such brand. Instead we guide our members to choose the best and the most pocket friendly options available in the market. We sometimes promote a few select organic brands, as we are firm believers in organic diet, but only after checking them thoroughly.

We never endorse any types of illegalities in the rules of Drugs authority of India , FSSAI including the use of steroids & supplements. We also regularly organize seminars, workshops and rallies against drug abuse, in association with Kolkata police and Barrackpore Police Commissionerate and others NGOS throughout the year to raise social awareness.

The preservatives and pesticides in food these days make every mouthful a potentially harmful one. It is extremely necessary for us to understand that everything that we put in our body can have long standing effects and be very aware of it.


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