The Sanskrit name Surya here refer to the sun and namaskar means ‘Salutions” . Sutya namamaskar has been handed down from the enlightened sage of Vedic Age. In yoga the sun is represente
Now a day’s many confusions have been raised regarding the quality of sanitizer. Health ministry also raise concerned regarding the inferior quality of alcohol which has been used in disin
This document aims to provide interim guidance about the environmental cleaning /decontamination of common public places including offices in areas reporting COVID-19.
When Ronaldo ( CR7) said his biological age Was 23 ( his birthday certificate age is 33) and he could play till he is 41. He was not joking.  He is capable of reducing his metabolic Age by
To begin with, life these days is stressful. Secondly, fighting fit relates to not just physical health but also mental health. What's more, a nourishing diet and weight loss are not enough.